Vineyard Energy Medicine
Energy Healing & Holistic Health Practitioner 

Energy Healing & Holisitc Health Practitioner on the Island of Martha's Vineyard

"Jackie's healing sessions are the deepest and most profound that I have ever experienced.  She has a gift and shares it in the most generous and loving way.  Her holisitc and nutritional knowledge is vast and she has the ability to intuitively go to the heart of the matter."  ~ Arlene Kaplan.
Welcome to Vineyard Energy Medicine.  We specialize in Golden Light Energy Medicine healing sessions and counseling for the prevention & reversal of disease through nutritional support and natural therapies ~

Sessions are available at our office on Martha's Vineyard & long distance by phone or Skype.

"As a Holisitc Health Practitioner I practice integrative energy medicine. I specialize in advanced energy healing utilizing frequencies of sound, light, color, & scent at the highest vibration.  I combine several modalities including Golden Light Energy Medicine, Reiki, Zero Point Technology & Holistic Nutrition Counseling. 

My clients share that they experience a very deep & profound healing that assists them in healing emotionally, physically & spiritually ."

                                                                                                    ~ Jackie Kane, CCT, URM

Optimal well being is our birth right & we believe all should have access to affordable, effective and truly holistic and natural remedies ~

We are dedicated to sharing alternative natural remedies and nutritional support for the prevention and reversal of disease.  We will coach you towards a gentle detox and a holistic approach that integrates the best modalities for you. 

Awaken your vital life force energy, reverse signs of disease and enhance your well being with natural therapies!

Prevent & Reverse Signs of Disease Naturally ~

Advanced energy clearing & balancing
Holistic nutrition counseling
Effective holistic weight loss
Allergy testing & highly effective solutions and remedies
Detox remedies & protection for mold, radiation & other environmental toxins
Integrative & complimentary holistic remedies for pain & disease
Counseling for affordable skin & body care remedies for your well being

Enhance your path towards wellness!  Call for your consultation ~     508.693.1706


Jackie Kane, CCT, URM
Energy Medicine Practitioner
"The body, mind & spirit has a profound ability to heal itself naturally when we offer it the space to do so holistically. 

I have found that true peace of mind comes at the moment we understand that we have the power to heal ourselves." ~ Jackie Kane

Enhance your path towards wellness!  Call for information & consultation

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