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About Us: Jackie Kane & Vineyard Energy Medicine

Jackie Kane (CCT, URM) is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Breast Health Specialist & a Holistic Health Practitioner.

In 2004
after twenty five years of fundraising for non-profits (and presenting benefit concerts & whole Earth festivals), Jackie Kane's holistic healing passions led her to study energy medicine at The Berkeley Psychic Insititute (BPI) in San Francisco.  As her energy medicine practice grew so did her interest in natural healing research.   After studying at BPI for two years she went on to study Reiki and obtained a Reiki Master Teacher level degree. 

Through further energy medicine studies over ten years she has developed her own unique blend of high frequency therapies which has blossomed into a modality that she calls, Golden Light Energy Medicine.  The blending of these high frequency modalities, she found, creates a profound healing experience when offered in person or long distance.  Jackie has also developed a series of workshops & offers private as well as group workshops in person as well as via Skype for her world-wide client base.

As her practice evolved she began offering holistic counseling thru nutritional support to halt and reverse signs of disease and in 2008, her belief in alternative medicine and clinical Thermography as a non-invasive and more effective breast screening led her to open the doors to The Thermography Centers on the west coast.  As a Certified Clinical Thermographer and as a holisitc health practitioner she opened seven offices, From San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, as her private practice quickly thrived. 

In addition to offering her clients, (men & women) non-invasive breast and full body screenings, she provided holistic prevention options to her clients and guided them successfully to reverse signs of disease thereby avoiding surgery and other invasive procedures.  Please visit: for further information.

As a strong advocate for holistic health care she continues to present lectures and gives interviews on national radio shows and through other media.  In 2011, after bringing in a partner to her Thermography practice, s
he returned to the east coast to be with family and to coach her father through a life threatening illness.

Since returning to her Island home she has been providing private consultations for healthy lifestyle living combined with advanced energy healing sessions.  As an ordained minister she also enjoys officiating intimate weddings and elopements for her clients. 

“At Vineyard Energy Medicine, it is our goal to empower one another to heal in a holistic & affordable manner”  ~ Jackie Kane 

"Jackie is one of the most powerful and grounded healers I have yet to encounter as well as being a gifted teacher.  In her Advanced Reiki & Energy Certification class she gave myself and my daughter invaluable tools to use both on ourselves and others.  It has been life-changing for us."
                       ~ Chrysal P

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