Vineyard Energy Medicine
Energy Healing & Holistic Health Practitioner 

Offerings & Services for integrative energy medicine, Reiki & holisitc counseling

 We specialize in Golden Light Energy Medicine, Distant Energy Healing, Advanced Reiki and Holistic Nutrition for the prevention & reversal of disease through nutritional counseling, energy medicine and other natural therapies.

“It is our goal to empower one another to heal in a holistic & affordable manner
                                                                                                                  ~ Jackie Kane

Initial Whole Health Consultation $120 (hour & a half)
Energy Healing Sessions &/or Consultations
$75 (an hour)
for energy work and/or holistic counseling in person or distant healing world-wide.

Holisitc & highly effective affordable solutions provided for:
Allergy Testing & Allergy protection (Allergy homeopathic formulas designed specifically for you that are effective and lasting)
Environmental Toxins - detox formulas that heal and provide lasting protection
Effective and holistic weight loss
Nutritional support through foods, herbs and supplements that are TRULY pure and healing for you

Island Retreat Packages that are designed for you include infra red sauna treatment,
zero point laser sessions, energy healings, gentle detox programs, beautiful accommodations and more ~  Call us for a quote.

Please contact Jackie for your initial complementary consultation ~
We are available locally on Martha's Vineyard in Vineyard Haven as well as inter-nationally via Skype.
508.693.1706, Skype: jackie.kane18

What is Golden Light Energy Medicine?

Golden Light Energy Medicine, developed by Jackie Kane
is an advanced form of integrative energy medicine healing which blends the highest vibrational frequencies of light, color, sound, & scent.  It goes deep to heal simultaneously on an energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual level.  While it combines aspects of advanced reiki it also goes beyond reiki to an even higher energy frequency. 

Golden Light Energy Medicine is based on the concept that
Frequency (sound, light, scent, color) + Intent = Healing
Frequency + Intent + Visualization = Manifestation

Clients consistently report experiencing ~
Self Empowerment
Healing of emotional & physical pain
Healing of physical ailments
Deeper clarity of their true life path
Deeper clarity of themselves & current situations
A sense of calm, peacefulness and even bliss following our sessions

Stay tuned for future seminars & talks on natural healing.  We will post here any upcoming offerrings ~

      Vineyard Energy Medicine &
Vineyard Grocer/Tisbury Farm Market present
       Natural Remedies for the Prevention & Reversal of Disease    

Protecting ourselves & our families from Fukushima & No Man’s Land radiation, depleted uranium and other environmental toxins

                       Saturday, March 8th, 2014, 3pm

                 Yoga Haven, off State Road (next to Black Dog Café)

       For further information: 508.693.1706,

                            This free talk will include

Natural and affordable remedies for protection

Remedies for gentle yet effective detoxification

Protecting ourselves from breast and prostate cancer

Home-made remedies from your kitchen cabinet

The benefits of Natural Energy Medicine

Please Bring a yoga matt or pillow to sit on ~

This free seminar is the first in a series of talks which will offer natural solutions for our health & well being.

“It is our goal to empower one another to heal in a holistic & affordable manner”

~ Jackie Kane (CCT, URM) is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Breast Health Specialist & a Holistic Counselor with a background in women’s breast thermography & advanced energy medicine


We have found that the best approach is one in which we integrate energy clearing & balancing with counseling, when appropriate, for remedies which offer nutritional support for the prevention and reversal of disease.

Golden Light Energy Medicine & Reiki training and certification
available for teens and adults. We encourage mother & daughter certification and training

Certification and workshops are offerred in person as well as long distance via email at and
Skype at jackie.kane18

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