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Thermography Center of Martha's Vineyard

What is Breast Thermography?

Breast thermography is a15 minute
safe & non-invasive test offering the earliest screening possible.

Its role in breast cancer and breast disorders is to help in early screening and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of cancer.
This procedure empowers women to make decisions at the earliest moment possible and to take a pro-active approach to their health through nutrition, hormone balancing and healthy detoxification. 

Through these life saving steps and with consultation with their doctors and health practitioners women can take action to improve their breast health and overall well being.

Thermography is not considered a replacement for other medical imaging which your doctor may advise you to have.
"As a Certified Clinical Thermographer and breast health specialist, I encourage women, and the men whose lives they touch, to educate themselves about the option of breast thermography and make wise decisions after considering all the information available.

As the founder of the Thermography Centers on the west coast
I was passionate about offering my clients holisitc counseling on the prevention and reversal of disease without invasive procedures.  Women successfully reversed their conditions through nutrition and natural therapies.  This is what we are committed to at Vineyard Energy Medicine. 

Real results. Truly holistic!

My goal
is to make breast thermography as common and vital as your annual pap test, as well as affordable. The first step to avoiding breast cancer is educating women and empowering them to make decisions based on sound holistic options." ~ Jackie Kane

We proudly feature State of the Art Digital Technology & the superior Flur Camera technology.  All images are read by Certified Medical Thermologists.

Create peace of mind with safe & early breast screening

Screen for the earliest indications of breast disease.

Identify, halt and reverse
possible development of disease through diet and nutrition.

Safe & effective screening for dense breasts & breasts with implants.

100% safe & non-invasive.  No radiation or deep compression of the breasts.

Full body scans
can screen for indications of disease throughout the body as well as identify sources of pain.

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